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I am inspired and I’m gonna upload heaps

I started Prints By Julia in May 2020 in the middle of the lockdown. I decided to finally officially open up shop after 4 years of drawing and uploading to social media.

The push to finally start selling came from my own friends and family who encouraged and requested their own photos to be drawn. My art style is contemporary and modern, created digitally with the Adobe Creative Suite and more recently, Procreate.    

In Oct 2020 I started making air fresheners, including custom air fresheners which were a huge hit! All of my air fresheners became a full time gig because I was making them by hand and using Social Media to promote them. By May 2021 I joined Meet The Maker where I sold handmade cards and Air fresheners. It quickly outgrew the spare room at my house an I rented out a property to work from. In October 2021, I opened Heaps Fresh with my boyfriend and we finally started manufacturing my designs into professional grade air fresheners. By Nov 2021, we decided to also open a storefront together (lol we were so brave!). Your Locals by Heaps Fresh became our 3rd business and we opened a second store in May 2022. In Your Locals I sell PBJ Prints and greeting cards, and of course it's the home of Heaps Fresh Air Fresheners!

My art has been a big passion project and I never thought I could EVER be a full time artist but here I am! I'm so thankful to have the community that I have, and I can't wait for the future!   

Julia xoxo


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